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"My art is all about empowerment!  Empowerment, to me, is simply believing in yourself and your abilities." - Michele Renee Sherlock


Art no longer plays a secondary role in my life, it is front and center, drawing me in every day to create.  I meditate every morning, clearing my head and relaxing myself.  This prepares me to have a high energy “think session”, where I focus on creative projects and how I can accomplish them.  There is great satisfaction in taking steps toward your vision, and seeing each project to completion. 

My mission is to get to know my clients dreams and visions for their environment, and how they want the artwork to add to it.  LA is a creative incubator, filled with people who dream big and don’t let anything hold them back, and I am grateful to live here.  Since I am a baby boomer, I have had life experiences that have been glorious, and some that have brought me to despair.  I see the complexity and totality of life. My color selection tends to match the emotion I have brought to the surface. In my art process, I access my emotions, and I make a plan to put those emotions onto the canvas.  My art forms are from my imagination, and as the piece develops, it always changes as certain aspects emerge. I believe in adding different textural elements to the canvas, due to the complexity that has enveloped my life at certain points.  I never want to suppress this complexity, because it makes me who I am.  I consider myself a very authentic person, I have nothing to hide, I am truly hoping to engage in a relationship with my clients that can add meaning to both of our lives.

2018  Benefit Auction, Balboa Tennis Club

          Beyond the Lines Gallery, Group Art Show

2019 Member of Los Angeles Art Association

         City of Newport Beach Art Exhibition

         Featured in Voyage LA Magazine

         "LA's Female Leaders and Role Models"

         Benefit Auction, Balboa Tennis Club

         Buckwild Gallery, Group Art Exhibition

         Mar Vista Art Walk

         Venice Art Walk

         City of Paso Robles, Art in the Park

         Irvine Fine Arts Center, Group Art Show

2020 Member of Los Angeles Art Association

         Jones Gallery, Group Art Exhibition

         Huntington Library and Gardens,

         Art Matters 2020, Group Art Exhibition


         Clara Berta - private studies

         Daniel Diaz-Tau - private studies

         Kathy Leader - group studies

         Anne Bridges - group studies

Life and Work with Michele Renee Sherlock 
featured in Voyage LA Magazine

"As mentioned, my sister is now living with me.

 I had her open your great painting, and she  wanted it in her bedroom next to her bed.  It's the  first and last thing she sees each day.  She says it  makes her happy!" 

  - Jay, San Diego

"I have your painting, "Checkers", in my bedroom.  I love waking up to it!

 -Mechell, Los Angeles

Michele Renee Sherlock | Fine Art
Los Angeles, California