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My paintings are a reflection of my personal life journey.  Finding my voice as a female has been a lifelong process.Born in1964, I was taught to speak softly and keep my perspective to myself.  Eventually, I learned how to have an opinion and talk about it. I am a work in progress myself, and painting helps me develop my intentions for the future. My paintings are intuitive, meaning the images appear as I go along.  The mediums I use are acrylic paints, oil pastels, colored pencils, and gel medium. These mediums allow me to create layers, depth, and connectivity of colors. The creative process is representative of the way I create my existence, layering on meaning as I learn and grow. My travels around the world have deeply influenced my painting style. My emotions are heightened by experiencing new regions and cultures, and these emotions translate energetic images onto the canvas.

Forest revised.jpg
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